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Berlin City tour  – A great experience

Let’s go to our city tours in Berlin – Have fun in the capital!

“I think what we of loveless Hopp on – platforms is different Hopp Off Tour and the great tour guide that we as founders, operators and residents of Berlin, are even behind our idea and behind our city.

That we look at city tours not only as a job but want to introduce you to our Berlin closer with our guides and ride you on historical facts and figures without makeup and without pure, want to give pleasure. Norbert Weber – Founder and  city guide.

Berlin City tour : We have compiled a small potpourri of proven tours for you

With our classic Top 10 and Top 20 attractions tours you will see a variety of outstanding buildings and time certificates of Prussian and imperial past of Berlin. And the new Berlin, which is mainly developed around the turn of the millennium.

We start each near the Reichstag, just in front of the Paul Löbe building opposite the Federal Chancellery and visit from there walking the attractions between the Reichstag and the Nikolai district, the cradle of Berlin.

On the one hour longer lasting Top 20 tour you will also see even the Holocaust Memorial, Potsdamer Platz, the original Berlin Wall, many references to past Nationasozizalstischen Berlin and Checkpoint Charlie.

Within walking distance you have the opportunity to learn from Berlin who are much more intense than when the sights happen with one of the sightseeing buses every second.

Berlin City tour : Listen smell and see Berlin as it is just walking Experience

Another walking tour is offered in “West Berlin”. Our currywurst tour . As they might think it’s going to not so rich in history on this tour. The goal is to get to know for a “West Berlin” and on the other to taste the world-famous Berlin Currywurst. The odd beer can thereby also be drunk. Often, this tour has an open end as many participants understand so well after two three hours to finish the day at the last Currywurstbude together before heading back to the hotel.

Individual guided tour Berlin

Now we come to our individual still two tours. The VIP city tour and many hours of booking one of our city guides.

VIP city tour with a new Mercedes S-Class

The VIP city tour we carry out with our new Mercedes S-Class. In about 2.5 hours we go either to your specific attractions or follow our proposal. Here we turn you everything you must have seen in Berlin and in addition you get a deep insight into the not so nice side of Berlin, which still consists of squats, poverty and ghettos also 2017th See Berlin as it has ever seen hardly any other tourist.

Your personal city guide

Read me introduce the final version, as you can enjoy a guided tour at TourguideMe. This method is particularly suitable for homogeneous and closed groups. School groups, company outings or tours for small groups or clubs fall into this category, for example.

But they are also the place where a guide only want for yourself, your friends or family, book without other participants, exclusively.

Then you can book your personal tour guide. The minimum period is only an hour and can then be extended every 30 minutes.

More Tours that we offer on request that this can only take place after individual consultation, you will find here .

Write me an email  , or call me telephone +49 30 8870088-77 on. Give me your wishes. 

What does a Berlin city tour?

We distinguish three rates:

1.) Price per person:  Here, each participant pays the same price. Children under 12 are free. This tariff offers itself as your partner and want to take three or four at a standardized our tours. Warning: the number of participants must be at least two. Do they want a single person to book a tour, you give me a call. I check whether they can take part in a tour that has already been posted.

2.) Price per group:  select the group rate simply if it is worth it. So when the payable Individual rates the price for the group rate exceeding. If the tax was recorded as VAT. Deliver performance company. Come on the group rate yet. If no group price is shown ask them to contact us. We recommend a city guide for every 20 people.

3.)  Individual fare:  In addition, we also offer all individual tours according to your wishes and needs. The hour personalized just for you, costs 90.- Euro – at a minimum of 2 hour. You can scale every 30 minutes here.

Entrance fees, tickets for public transport, for your VIP shuttle, bicycle or booked buses are extra.

So do you go about choosing your city tour Berlin:

The city tours Berlin or the city tour starts with the selection of your tour. Either choose one of the predefined, tested city tours, or tell us what you want to see special. This could be 10 attractions, the famous top, but even want personally created city guides, you will see in a certain order when we visit places to which only you have a reference. Use our service and get help.

Berlin City Tour: A wide range of attractions in the capital 

Decide which tour suits your interests. We use this back to a large pool of experienced Berlin Guides that meet very specific needs. This means that even if you want to be completely out outside the mainstream example of Neukölln, the Sachsenhausen concentration camp or Koepenick, we have the right tour for you.

Norbert Weber - City Tour Berlin

Norbert Weber – City Guide Berlin

All of our guides speak at least one foreign language, but usually several. So you can book your guided tour of Berlin in your native language and can choose from German, English, Spanish or select Russian.

Berlin City tour: on the most familiar

The classic city tour Berlin, city tour or walking tour run of course the most famous sights of the capital, where more than 3.5 million people and has the many superlatives to offer.

These include the government district and the Reichstag with its world-famous glass dome. The Brandenburg Gate and Potsdamer Platz, the transport hub Alexanderplatz and Checkpoint Charlie, the Gendarmenmarkt and the East Side Gallery, the New Synagogue and the Olympic Stadium and Potsdamer Platz with its panoramic platform. Especially popular is a walking tour “Unter den Linden” flanked by the testimonies of Prussian history of Berlin.

Your guide Berlin shows you everything!

Berlin is one of Europe’s most visited cities and has of course much more to offer than the attractions mentioned by us.

Berlin City tour - there is much to discover

City tours in Berlin – there is much to discover

Another unique feature is the Holocaust Memorial right in Berlin Mitte, which was made of 2,711 stelae and recalls the Holocaust. Here is reminded, warned against forgetting, but here there is also room for your own thoughts and memories.

Berlin city tour: You visit the top attractions

And what should not be missed during a city tour Berlin? Of course, a wall tour. Stroll along the former Berlin Wall, have been preserved by the only three locations residues. Along the way you inform your city guide Berlin about the history and political events that are related to the Berlin Wall.

  • Government district and the Reichstag with its world-famous glass dome
  • the Brandenburg Gate and Potsdamer Platz
  • the transport hub Alexanderplatz and Checkpoint Charlie
  • Gendarmenmarkt and the East Side Gallery
  • Guides – New Synagogue and the Olympic Stadium
  • Leadership – Berlin Wall and Berlin Zoo
  • Leadership – Museum and Culture

Our Berlin city tour with real insider information from your city guide Berlin

Really real insider tips about Berlin you will of course personally by us. If we publish it at this point, there would be no real secrets more. But a few tips off for sightseeing, we want to give you for your sightseeing in Berlin yet.

And woo you eat in Berlin the best currywurst, after all, makes sightseeing hungry and Berlin is the city of curry sausages. We recommend: Try the “Curry 36” in Kreuzberg from. Here, the currywurst is to be truly legendary. And if you want to eat vegan, which will now many Berliners, go to the brewery Eschenbräu in Wedding.

Special Berlin City tour with a city guide features well-versed

Special Tours, which offers you TourguideMe, each devoted to a subject with a historical background. On your special tour through Berlin You can check, for example, on the subject of “Jewish Life in Berlin”, “The Third Reich” or “The East”. The special tour takes you to places and places that are related to the subject. Along the way you learn many interesting facts from your guide and the ability to know about the capital more.

Berlin city tour by boat across the water

City tour – by boat across the water

You can also visit the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, a special tour on “West Berlin” or “East Berlin” book. Anything but boring, because the information is clear, vivid and lifelike taught. With us you can expect interesting hours. The Special Tours you can re-arrange according to your wishes or follow our suggestions. Both the duration and the starting point and destination, you can choose freely. Take a walk, go by bike, use public transportation, such as the City Circle Routes 100 and 200 of the BVG or use our VIP shuttle service with a luxury car.

Guided tour through Berlin or guided tour of Potsdam?

And if you need a little distance from the city, we also offer excursions in the area surrounding Berlin.

The City Guide Berlin by TourguideMe accompany you to Potsdam and show you the Sanssouci Palace, the Babelsberg Castle and the beautiful Potsdam old town.

Share know your city guide Berlin simply with what you want to see when and get to Berlin personally close and informative. Because our Berlin is a unique city and just as your city guide Berlin to be. A unique experience with lots of great memories that you can take home with them.

Looking for a city guide Berlin or want to make a city tour? Then select telephone +49 30 8870088-77.

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