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Sightseeing Berlin

Sightseeing Berlin

Sightseeing Berlin TourguideMe can have many faces. has as many faces as the city of Berlin.

Berlin is the capital, most populous city, city and state, seat of government and largest area community in Germany.

An attribute we do not have, because Berlin is also measured by population, the largest community of the European Union.

Berlin is a world city, a European transportation hub and known for its living conditions worldwide.

In short, Berlin is a city of superlatives.

How would you like to get to know Berlin?

When exactly this city of superlatives? Or it pulls you more into the quiet, maybe not quite so well-known corners of Berlin?

Sightseeing Berlin TourguideMe gives you the opportunity to experience the capital just as you imagine. But what makes sightseeing with the tour guides of TourguideMe different? We are happy to inform you below about the idea that stands behind TourguideMe and what opportunities will open up to you.

Sightseeing in Berlin by subject

With TourguideMe you can make your sightseeing tour in Berlin by topic. When you visit Berlin or maybe even Berlin, which just once a’d like to meet little closer his home, you can decide on a theme. Whether art and churches, food and nightlife, attractions and Jewish history or architecture and culture, with TourguideMe Sightseeing Berlin you have the choice.

Under the navigation point Tours simply the topics that interest you and you get all the information about your tour.

TourguideMe has compiled include the following city tours for you:

  • Top 10 attractions
  • Berlin’s top 20 attractions
  • Berlin’s top 50 attractions
  • Currywurst Tour & Kudamm
  • Potsdam Castles & more
  • City Tour “West Berlin”
  • Guided tour “East Berlin”
  • City tour Prussia’s Glory
  • City Tour “DDR Tour”

By clicking on the respective city guides you will get information about the places and locations that you expect. And you can book all the tickets for guided tours online. How to do this, we will explain below again in detail.

Sightseeing through Berlin …

… by bike, on foot, by bus or by public transport or in a Mercedes S-Class?

So how can you decide what you want to see in Berlin, you can also decide how you want to see Berlin.

Sightseeing through Berlin can be a combination of different means of transport or lie firmly on a way.

Sightseeing to the top 10 attractions in Berlin

Of course, we would like to also introduce the top 10 attractions in Berlin, because if you are visiting Berlin for the first time, you want to certainly not go without a photo from the Brandenburg Gate, the TV tower or from Checkpoint Charlie home.

Berlin has so many attraction that it truly difficult for the top 10 selected. Try it will want it anyway.

No. 1 is certainly the Brandenburg Gate and at No. 2 lands equal to the television tower. By the way, the TV tower is not only the most famous symbol of Berlin, but also the tallest structure in Germany.

While sightseeing in Berlin, you should also visit the Reichstag and Museum Island, occupy the space. 3 and 4

Whether the Berlin Zoo should be part of your sightseeing tour, you decide.

But the East Side Gallery, we recommend that you necessarily. Just as the Potsdamer Platz and the KaDeWe, the biggest department store on the European continent.

You will soon discover that Berlin is far more than the Berlin Wall. But this tour we can highly recommend, because the wall has Berlin and its people significantly influenced many decades.

Sightseeing Berlin with your personal tour guide

Sightseeing Berlin - New Stadtschloß

Sightseeing Berlin – New Stadtschloß

Want to find guided tours of Berlin once something different?

Then we would like to present you a special service of TourguideMe. Your own personal tour guide of Berlin TourguideMe.

You can book your tour guide as real experts and different on many topics.

Whether you want to show your family Berlin once again now, plan an event with your club surprise business partners, customers or employees want- your TourguideMe City Guide organizes your personal city tour together with you. And you would like to go dine, is of course also possible.

And best of all, your CityGuide of TourguideMe costs only 90, – Euro no matter how many people participate in the hour on the city tour. The minimum booking period is one hour.

And how intensely you want to experience the Sightseeing Berlin?

Many a Berlin guest’s feet hurt after only three hours of sightseeing. Other tourists want to experience most like in 24 hours and as much as possible Berlin.

And you? The guided tours of our tour guides have different lengths. So you can experience Berlin in two, three, four or even six hours.

How much time do you bring or spending, is up to your interests and your chosen city tour.

Our tour guides offer your tours in many different languages. Whether German, English, Italian or Spanish, learn to love your own language. Certainly dominates one of our tour guides your language, so you do not have to laboriously struggle through translations.

Sightseeing Berlin – Book tour online

You can book all tickets for guided tours TourguideMe conveniently online. You do this in the first step, you have chosen city tour and click on them. You get a lot of information about the selected city you tour. Then select individual tickets or a group ticket and clicking the selection.

You will be redirected to the ticket order and are able to run in the order system. Of course, your data will be transferred completely secure with SSL encryption and offers a variety of payment options to choose from.

If you have any questions about your city tour and / or booking your tickets, please contact us by phone or mail. We will get back in touch with you and answer any questions.

If you enjoyed the guided tour of TourguideMe fallen, we would appreciate a recommendation. Have fun sightseeing Berlin.