Berlin walking tour – walking tour through Berlin

Berlin walking tour – experience both familiar and unfamiliar

walking tour Berlin

Are you looking for a walking tour of Berlin , stands out from the known patterns of loveless mass guided tours? Then we would like the concept and the idea of you like TourguideMe imagine. To experience both familiar and unfamiliar in Berlin on a city tour and relive. With city leaders and city leaders who live in Berlin, love the city and you want to show Berlin as a piece of home happy.

Berlin walking tour
Berlin walking tour

City tour Berlin

In addition to the classic city tour Berlin we have prepared a lot of experience for you, you can put together with TourguideMe your personal city tour of Berlin. You choose your sightseeing tour, you decide on the means of transport, duration or you decide how your program should look like.

Their first tour in Berlin combined with public transport

Of course, a city tour of Berlin primarily distinguished by the fact that we walk! This is possible without problems in the classical tours that take two to three hours.

but they can also alternatively take the bus, your or our ride to the main monuments and from there to complete the relevant part of your tour. Or what we love to offer to gain a deeper impression of Berlin, we bridge the distance between the individual stops using public transport such as the S or subway, bus or tram. The public transport network in Berlin is outstanding expanded and usually much faster than private.

With TourguideMe and your city tour Berlin look at the nuances of the capital with your own eyes. A guided tour that you really closer brings Berlin. The guides of TourguideMe Berlin have compiled eight sightseeing tours to eight subjects. Whether you are for “Unter den Linden”, “Kurfürstendamm” who care “DDR Tour” or another issue – our city guides are packed with interesting and noteworthy topics, places, squares and monuments.

If we have your interest for a city tour with known and the unknown can arouse, we look forward to your contact at telephone +49 30 8870088-77 or mobile +49 176 14499991

Your own personal city tour Berlin TourguideMe

City tour Berlin - Oberbaumbrücke

City tour Berlin – Oberbaumbrücke

Get to know Berlin personally during a guided tour. Personally compiled with the interests and fields of knowledge of the tour guides, but also personally to your wishes and ideas.

About TourguideMe book not a tourist program that will lead only to the Brandenburg Gate. About TourguideMe book a city tour, which was inspired by our ideas and put together. Whether architecture and art, culinary delights for gourmets, Jewish sights and the wall or Berlin completely hidden, as you may have never seen it, your tour of the city you should be very personal experience.

Berlin Walking tour – City tour Berlin

Check out alone profiles of tours and decide which city tour best suits you. All tours have so that you can decide right after area of ​​interest their own specifications, which city tour you choose or select as the basis for your ideas. The tour guides will show you known and unknown sides of Berlin. Some love the story and history of Berlin, others have specialized in the architecture. Your city tour you naturally leads to the most famous places and places that you must see if you are staying in Berlin.

Berlin walking tour – Brandenburg Gate and Currywurst

The Brandenburg Gate is as much as Berlin currywurst. But of course you show your city tour much more. Experience exciting stories, background information, humorous and sad, exciting and entertaining. Hardly any other city in Germany is varied and shows her own face as clearly as Berlin. And that should give you your walking tour.

No tourist monotony, but Berlin as it lives and also some reinventing daily. Small and surprising details will delight you as well as monumental history that is forgotten. The TourguideMe city guides and city guides are happy to be able to show you your own personal Berlin in all its facets. Such a city tour of Berlin can be a memorable experience.

Berlin walking tours for the curious and Berlin-lovers

Perhaps you are in Berlin and have your city met only sparingly until now. You might have come from Dortmund and want time finally know the capital. You might also come from England, France or Holland. No matter where you come from and no matter what interests you bring. With TourguideMe book city tours that bring you close Berlin. Our guides offer guided tours on specific topics and you can put together sightseeing tours according to your wishes. You want to see the Reichstag not only out of the bus, but like to make a stop? You would like to visit the KaDeWe and take a souvenir from Berlin? No problem. Let us like to know before the start of the tour, where you want to stop or at what location and space you have special interest. Our guides like to vary according to your wishes and offer individual sightseeing tours, what you want to see the show you exactly.

A Berlin walking tour for Berliners and tourists

Do you know your own city as Berlin, anyway? The Berlin walking tour is aimed at both Berliners who want to get to know your home better, as well as to tourists from home and abroad. Give away a guided tour of your partner or your partner. Surprise your family while vacationing in Berlin with a city tour you have individually planned and put together. TourguideMe is your partner for a city tour that you just shows Berlin as you want to see it. And if you are satisfied with your city tour, we would appreciate a positive rating very much.

Book tickets for Berlin walking tour online

You can book your tickets for guided tours TourguideMe online. From the first step out of the city tours the topic that interests you and click it. Now you can check what you TourguideMe in detail on your city tour offers. Decide whether you’re getting the single tariff or the group rate and make your selection. Now you will be ordering for the ticket and can safely order with SSL encryption 100% your tickets online. Fill out the online form and follow the ordering process to an end. If you have any questions about your ticket order, you reach like TourguideMe phone at telephone +49 30 8870088-77 or mobile +49 176 14499991 or send us an email via the Contact button.

Our tip: Your personal tour guide in Berlin

Book your Berlin tour guide by phone telephone +49 30 8870088-77 or mobile +49 176 14499991. We are pleased also to you to be able to Berlin show at its best. Certainly not only interesting for guests and tourists. By the way, costs your personal tour guide always 90, – euros an hour, no matter with many people you want to be on the road. Just ask sometimes your friends if you want to rediscover Berlin together with you.