Attractions Berlin

Visit the sights of Berlin with a city guide of TourguideMe

We Berliners are almost all operating blind. We live in the midst a beautiful ensemble of world famous buildings, the center of European history and the hub of the German past and present. We merely that no longer remember because it is normal for us. Too bad.

Attractions Berlin

Attractions Berlin – Potsdamer Platz

You see as a tourist Berlin course from a different angle. Wide-eyed look at our world city – a Ahh Ohh and can be heard from all sides. Did you see that? Tells you what kind of a building?

Berlin the sights explained by a city guide

We as a city guide would like to explain all this to them, so no questions remain. If you want to know about the individual structures or places backgrounds, data, stories and anecdotes and understand the city and its history better they are right with us.

Maybe they are but interested not only in the very obvious. Perhaps we may show places you normally never see as a tourist to face you too. Places that are not on every postcard (no longer there unfortunately, but you know what I mean) are shown. Places that often not even know Berlin as the track 17 or the location of the former leaders of the bunker, or why Russian soldiers guarded a Russian memorial in the former West Berlin.

Or they know the Eiffel Tower from Berlin? No, not the radio tower, but your Eifel worm in the former French sector?

Did you know that the wall ran around the whole of West Berlin around? Attractions Berlin

Sound stupid, I was far from clear, I thought that always went only through the center – would have been stupid!

Attractions Berlin: More than the Brandenburg Gate

So if they want to have a little more insight into the city, then book an individual tour.

If they want to visit the main attractions then I suggest you our classics, the Top 10 and Top 20 attractions Berlin tour with all the facts and stories.

but if you want to be led individually through Berlin you can also book a city guide just for yourself or your group that the program performs with you that you want.

Whether you prefer to walk it. driving or using public transport from sight to sight use our Mercedes S-Class, you decide.

Everything is available from us at fair prices and also in English, Spanish and Russian, if that is your native language.

So, get to the world-famous attractions of the German capital know. Do not drive to have gained a deeper insight home without.